3 Things To Check Your Tractor For

If you want to purchase a used tractor, you want to make sure that the tractor is in good shape before you go forward with the purchase of the tractor. Before you purchase a used tractor, be sure to inspect the tires, check the attachments, and make sure that the cab is a good fit.


It can be expensive to replace the tires on a tractor. The big oversized tires that you find on a tractor do not run cheap, which is why you should thoroughly inspect the tires before you purchase a tractor.

Check the sidewalls and make sure that the tire has not experienced any weather-related cracking. Check the tire tread and make sure that the tire wear is even. If the tire wear is uneven, that could indicate larger mechanical issues with the tractor itself. Make sure that the tires are properly inflated and seem like they are able to stay that way.

Check the Attachements

There are various attachments that can be used on a tractor. You want to purchase a used tractor that comes with the type of attachments that you need to use to get your work done. You don't want to purchase a used tractor and then have to go out and purchase entirely new attachments to go with the tractor. 

For example, if you need to clear brush, you are going to want a rotary cutter. Or if you need to cut through the ground, you need a rotary tiller. 

Check out each attachment that the tractor comes with. Make sure that it is in good shape and that it is not worn down. Check the area where the attachment connects with your trailer, and make sure that the connector works. If possible, see if you can hook the attachment up to the tractor to make sure that it works.

Check The Cab

Finally, check out the cab area on the tractor and make sure that it is comfortable for you. Make sure that your body fits in the seat, and that you are able to comfortably reach all of the pedals, gears, and levers. There are different cab set-ups, so you want to make sure that you find the set-up that feels comfortable to you when you sit inside it, especially if you use your tractor a lot.

When purchasing a used tractor, make sure the tire are still in good shape, make sure that the attachments it comes with are the ones you need and that they work properly, and finally make sure that the cab is a good fit and that everything inside of the cab works properly. Contact a company that offers tractors for sale to see what is available.