Use Timber For Several Outdoor Applications

TImber is durable and often used when creating structural supports. It can also be used to upgrade areas where agricultural supplies or livestock will be utilized or housed on your farmland. If you currently have a storage unit and a barn at your disposal, which are used to store feed, seeds, and tilling equipment and to provide your animals with dry living quarters, add some timber supplies to an adjoining pen.

Support Wire Fencing Or Create A Sturdy Barrier

Unfinished timber poles can be used to support wire fencing panels, which will aid in keeping your livestock safely contained. Wooden pieces will also add a rustic touch to an enclosure and will add complementary features that tie into the storage unit and barn's design theme.

Finished wood products that are pre-drilled can be secured with metal fasteners. If you do not want timber to endure any signs of weathering, which could alter the beauty of a structure or that could lessen the strength of wood pieces, purchase precut wooden beams that are sold by a timber supplier.

If you want to add some visually drastic changes to your current setup, thick pieces of timber can be used as the vertical supports and thinner pieces of wood can be used as the top part of a barrier, which is installed along the length of the current wire fencing. A smooth wooden surface that covers the top of each fencing piece will work as a barricade that your farm animals cannot jump over.

Set Up A Trough Border And A Decorative Barrier

If you are using a metal trough to feed and water your cows and horses, but the trough isn't very weighty, a timber enclosure that is installed around the trough will add some stability to the feature. Purchase long and short pieces of wood and use a power nailer or a hammer and nails to attach the wooden beams.

If the front of your property has plenty of flowering plants growing on it and the center of your yard features your garden, you may be interested in showcasing some interesting plant types that feature colorful blooms. Use a timber variety to create the outline for a flowerbed. Inside of the flowerbed, plant seeds for the plant varieties that you prefer. The flowerbed can be added along the front side of the fencing that your animals are housed in or along another part of the property that is currently barren.

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