Things To Think About Before Planting Food Plots For Deer

If you have found yourself facing another deer hunting season without a plan in place, you may have decided that you want to do it better next year. One of the best ways to do this is by planting food plots for deer to draw them to your property or your hunting ground. This is the perfect time to start planning. Starting now is a great way to get a solid plan in place for an effective and attractive food plot. Here's a look at what you should think about to ensure success.

Go Big For Greater Traffic

Deer are more widely attracted to food plots that are larger in size than they are with smaller spaces. If you are looking for a location for your food plot, one of your first criteria should be the size of the plot. Aim for an acre and a half or larger for the best traffic into your food plot. With a food plot this size, you'll get a lot more growth, which will draw far more deer than you would likely see with smaller plots, even if you were to plant several.

Consider Your Visibility

Another key factor to think about when you're planting a food plot for deer is where you'll position your tree stand. If you have to walk the perimeter of the food plot, or you have to walk through the plot, to get to your tree stand, you're leaving your scent the whole way. Deer won't be as likely to come in if they can smell you in the plot.

Instead, find a location where you can put your tree stand on the outer perimeter and access it easily from that direction. That way, you're not leaving your scent all over the property on your way to your observation and hunting location.

Don't Remove The Trees

When you start clearing the land for your food plot, you're probably tempted to level out all of it and map your planting. However, when you're drawing deer, you should remember that a few trees are going to be good. Trees give the bucks something to rub on, which makes them far more likely to wander through your food plot and stick around for a little bit. This increases your chances of success when you're ready to get out there and hunt them.

These are a few key elements you should always think about when you're setting up food plots for deer. Plant in the very early spring and you'll have a lush, attractive plot that brings the deer to you by the time hunting season comes around. Get started with your food plot management project today.