Beneficial Attributes to Get In a Dewatering Screw Press

If you have operations that require the separation of liquid from solids, then you'll need a dewatering screw press. Here are some specific attributes that will make using this machine a lot easier for dewatering operations.

Low Footprint

If you had to work with a very large dewatering screw press, that can present a couple of challenges. For instance, you would probably have a more difficult time moving this machinery to different locations around a work site that requires dewatering -- whether it's sludge or food waste.

Whereas if you made sure your dewatering screw press had a low footprint design, you'll have an easier time with transportation. It won't take up a lot of space because of its smaller size, which can aid movement and also help you work around areas that are surrounded by other structures. 

Automatic Washing System

In order for a dewatering screw press to remain effective at removing liquid from solid materials, it has to remain clean. Instead of having to clean this press yourself though, you can just get one with an automatic washing system. It's going to make this part of maintenance a lot more convenient. 

At certain intervals, you can activate the automatic washing system to clean important components within the screw press. That will keep them in sound shape a lot longer compared to if you just let them collect dirt, debris, and sludge that the screw press comes in contact with. 

Enclosed Design

With dewatering screw presses, you can either get them with an open or enclosed design. The latter is probably better for a couple of reasons. For instance, since the screw press is enclosed in a durable structure, it won't make as much noise when running. That's important if you have to constantly run this machine around an environment where there are other operations taking place. 

An enclosed design also safeguards integral components from a lot of potential damage. They'll be better protected compared to if the parts were left exposed to the elements. Not only does that make repairs less frequent, but it will help simplify your maintenance routines with the screw press machine you invest in. 

Dewatering sometimes has to occur around sites that require dry materials. Screw presses can help accomplish dewatering in a controlled and effective manner. That's especially true if you find a model that has the right structure and layout to aid this dewatering process correctly. 

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