Bored With Oak? 3 Reasons To Consider Cedar For Your Home Remodeling Project

Oak trees provide durable, inexpensive lumber that has been used in the housing industry for hundreds of years, in both the exterior framing and the interior finish elements of the home. Homeowners who live in a home where oak is the primary lumber used inside and out may appreciate the strength and durability of oak while longing for a more interesting appearance.

When planning a home remodeling project, homeowners who want to up the attractiveness of their home may want to consider using cedar lumber to replace some of the oak, and here are three good reasons for doing so. 

Cedar lumber offers natural resistance to weather and insects 

Cedar is often chosen for exterior elements of a home due to the polyoxyphenols contained in the wood. These polyoxyphenols give cedar lumber a distinctive scent that naturally repels many insects. This helps provide resistance to damage from moisture and dramatically slows the rate of decay and deterioration, as compared with most other commonly used types of lumber. Because of its durability and lasting beauty, cedarwood is a great choice for exterior uses in harsh environments, including siding, trim, porch or deck stairs, and railings. 

Cedar lumber can help buffer sounds 

When used as exterior siding or on interior walls, cedar lumber can help dampen the noise in a home environment. Unlike some other types of lumber, cedar is porous and better able to absorb sound instead of reflecting it. Those who live in a home where noise from the highway, railway, air traffic, or industrial noise has been a problem may find that using cedar lumber to cover the interior or exterior walls of the home is helpful in reducing the amount of sound that enters the home. 

Cedarwood offers lasting natural beauty 

Unlike the plainer appearance of oak, cedar lumber has attractive variations in its appearance and color that most people find interesting. While cedar lumber can be easily shaped and finished by planing, routing, and sanding like any other lumber, it has recently become a popular choice for "live edge" applications in furnishings, shelving, counters, and other interior finishes used in residential housing. While not necessary, many homeowners choose to seal the cedar lumber used in their home with a clear protective coating that dries it to a soft shine that further enhances the natural beauty of the wood. 

To learn more about how this type of wood could benefit your upcoming home remodeling project, contact a timber supplier in your area, such as Liese  Lumber Co Inc