Managing Your Project’s Lumber Supplies

There are many construction and contracting projects that will require large amounts of lumber to be completed. While lumber is an affordable and versatile building material, you will still need to make sure that you are effectively storing these materials on your project site.

Avoid Storing Lumber On The Ground

When you are storing the lumber, you should always avoid placing it directly on the ground. This can be a common mistake that will lead to the wood rapidly degrading due to the moisture from the ground. Luckily, there are specialized pallets that can make it easy to store the lumber so that it is not in direct contact with the ground, and this can prevent this damage from spoiling large amounts of your lumber supplies.

Have A Solution For Covering The Lumber

In addition to keeping the lumber off the ground, you may also need an option for being able to cover it. This can allow you to protect the lumber when it is raining as this can be another source of severe damage to these wood items. This is the case even when the wood may be treated to be resistant to water damage. If the lumber supplies get rained on, moisture could get trapped between the planks of wood, which could rapidly cause this deterioration to occur. A plastic tarp can be one solution for quickly covering the lumber supplies when you are finished for the day so that they will be protected in the event that it rains during the overnight hours.

Keep The Lumber Supplies Organized

When you are deciding where to place the lumber supplies, care should be taken to keep them as organized as possible. In addition to making it easier for your workers to find the lumber items that they are needing for their current task, this will also make it easier to accurately monitor the inventory of supplies that the project site will have. By effectively monitoring this information, you can know when it will be time to order additional supplies so that your workers are always supplied with the materials that they will need. For this reason, the various types of lumber supplies that you will need should be divided into their own piles or areas so that you can easily assess them. Having this plan ahead of time can help when the lumber supplies are delivered as you will be able to direct them to where they need to be.

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